I was diagnosed with depressive mood disorder and burn out, and was told I should take prescription medications.  I had an intensive in-depth conversation with Mrs. Lange in order for her to understand the many facets of my personal background. Afterwards, she did a technical measurement of the micro nutrients in my tissues to determine which nutrient levels were low as a result of my chronic stress at work. Ilearned that the constant stress at work triggered a chemical respond in my body.  After just a few appointments my condition has shown improvement. I am feeling much better.  My vitality and lust for life have returned, and I am much more efficient and resilient at work without medication. Continuing her specific nutritional recommendations, I feel much better and enjoy short relation exercises at work. A short 15min. morning relaxation exercise have become part of my daily routine.  Most important, my viewpoint of life has improved dramatically.  Many thanks to Mrs. Lange for her outstanding personality and professional expertise. – Michael 42 years