Since many years I am living with a commonly recognized hematologic disorder, essential thrombocythemia.  I did not respond to conventional therapy anymore, and at this time there is only one pharmaceutical ingredient available on the market to treat this unusual blood disorder.  When I was first diagnosed with this, I was told that an average life expectancy was eight to ten years, shocking and devastating news for me. Fortunately I came under the care of Mrs. Lange who helped me deal with my fears and worries especially concerns I had about the possible side effects of medication.  I found her to be empathetic and responsive to my needs.  After carefully reviewing my complete health history we worked on nutritional management, life style changes. Thanks to her recommendations and her guidance my blood, organ values and my medical tests have been stable and in the normal range for seventeen years now.  I feel alive and fully enjoy life to the fullest in a new way because I understood the principles and ‘why’-mechanisms of how this therapy works.

My treating physicians have often asked me about what exactly I am doing. Including nutrition and yoga in a treatment plan is new for them.

I am deeply grateful for the awakening of a new life that Mrs. Lange has been able to provide for me, and for all her years of attention, resulting in improvement in the quality and prolongation of my life. – Marianne, 75 years